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trick to driving on ice

What my BF really thinks about my driving skills...LOL

Every time...

Stopping distance and you…It is sad that this needs to be explained...

Seriously. ..lol

Nothing brings out the stupid in people like driving conditions during a snow storm.

Even in Biblical times.

Stay home. Do everyone a favor and be careful. Texans don't drive on ice!

I still run outside when I hear the ice cream man drive by, hoping one day he will become the wine slushy man...


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Snow Days.. There is a difference besides what you see here. Yes we Southerners do not get nearly as much snow as some of neighbors to the North. The Big difference is we get mostly ice not powder. A lot of times it melts during the day but when the temp drops it freezes overnight. It takes a different set of skills and frame of mind to drive on ice. Plus the bottom picture is extremely exaggerated.

Sharing the road

Ha! Awesome!


This is so much like the Far Side!

Golden Girls

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