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Every Sonic Device From Doctor Who<3

Every Sonic Device From Doctor Who

Le tournevis Sonique (en VO Sonic Screwdriver ) est un outil de conception Gallifreyenne. Le Docteur en a possédé plusieurs versions de fonctionnalités et d'esthétique différentes, ce qui convenait au Docteur tant que son activation ne se faisaient que d'une simple pression d'un bouton. Mais il ne marche jamais sur le bois. Toutes les versions de tournevis soniques que le Docteur a possédé ont été créé à l'intérieur et par le TARDIS, ce qui explique que le Docteur peut contrôler son TARDIS…

Tournevis sonique

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 0 - Episode 17 - Affiche

David Tennant et Matt Smith réunis sur l'affiche spéciale du 50ème anniversaire de "Doctor Who"

The Official Anniversary Special Poster! Yes, we have a poster! The Day of the Doctor!

BBTB 2012 Lego Dr Who Phone Booth | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I need logs of blue legos! Lego Doctor Who Police Box .(previously "Dr.Who Phone Booth") oh the awesomenesses of this! :) [be sure to make any corrections needed before pinning anything, otherwise you may get comments like the ones below.

Doctor Who et les mèmes (1)

Doctor Who et les mèmes (1

Annual meeting of time travelers. Back to the Future and Doctor Who. (Yes, it's photoshopped, it's still so cool) But why would time travelers have an ANNUAL meeting.they could technically go to all of them back to back.

Infographie - Les acteurs qui ont joué dans « Doctor Who » et dans « Star Wars »

Our pals from Geeks of Doom made this cool infographic listing actors who had a role both in Star Wars and Doctor Who. Check it out! [Source: Geeks of Doom]


Doctor Who & Tardis In The Mist iPhone And iPod Touch Case. And amazing iPhone and iPod touch case with the doctor and tardis.

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Doctor Who records. I am okay with the fact that this says the Doctor is married because of the footnote: River Song actually married a time machine starship disguised as the Doctor, so thats one for the lawyers.