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  • Michal Huber

    Ummmm was this really at Carrol High School in Ft Wayne?!?! it looks like their gym.....?! Best Half Time show EVER!! I am so impressed with the amount of choreography they have!! So awesome!

  • Natalie Koenig

    i'm still peeing... this is SO FUNNY!!! the boys really went all out for this. I mean i know my senior year dance kicked ass but dear god this was better

  • Molly Simon

    Best Video EVER! Senior Boys as PowderPuff Cheerleaders. They are actually really good! So funny!! Ah-Freaking-Mazing!!!

  • Gabby Altman

    SO. FUNNY. and the funniest thing is... they're actually kinda good.

  • Deanna Bergeron

    Too funny!! They did better than we did in high school!

  • Rachel Pippin

    Judge if you must but this is the funniest video even though I'm years out of high school.

  • Kalli Randall

    The Senior Powderpuff Cheerleaders perform an all new dance for the halftime show of the student vs. staff basketball game at Carroll High School. Ellen, we want to be on your show!!

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