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Saw this about a month ago & was actually sad that we wouldn't have any loose teeth anytime soon... Then, after a dentist appt a week later, I found out Z's two bottom teeth are a little loose...yay! ;o)

20 Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

OK, I'm not into proving the tooth fairy is kid even knew it was play way back when....but I think the picture gives a great idea for a tooth fairy gift instead of money!

Kate, who is mother-of-the-year in my book, is all about creating a magical, wonder-filled childhood for her little guy. She secretly added a couple 'fairy doors' throughout her house and waited for her son to discover them. Isn't that the most delightful thing you've ever seen? Don't tell my kids, I might do this at Christmas-time! Check it out on her blog Kate's Creative Space.

a tutorial for this AMAZING tooth fairy envelope. If only I had the time, talent and patience. In the meantime I'll pin it and pretend I intend to make it soon.

Tooth fairy traditions

Tooth fairy tiny door personalized with address! It’s a doll house door. Hang with velcro 3m strips. (Try Hobby Lobby)