I love this book...I feel like Mindy and I should be best friends. :)

what to read next...

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Rory Gilmore Book List. Let it begin

Books every woman should read before 30.

@Johnny Hohenstein this one is for you

The Hunger Games series. enough said.

Already on my list. She is FABULOUS!

Who doesn't love this book?!

Read Instead-framed. When we find ourselves wasting time on mobile devices and feeling, frankly, robbed, we turn to this helpful and friendly reminder.

The Hunger Games

I should read this...

This is an amazing story and I can't put it down.

Beach read?

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns)? by Mindy Kaling

Read a lot of these already, can't wait to find out if the rest are as good!

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and i like it.

Soooo Hilarious!