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  • Amy Gehring

    the hawks taking on magic mike at the second city panel! #BHC2012

  • Jessica W
    • 3 years ago

    Also Andrew Shaw. He is tiny, but he's hotter in person and his body is really fantastic. He just needs a wingman that isn't the Nordic god of sexy hockey douchebaggery.

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Patrick Sharp, looking handsome, as always :)

Rick Nash or Chris Pratt?

Rick Nash or Chris Pratt?

Two loves. One photo. Joel Edgerton & Christian Bale

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Jamie Benn, hockey player, Dallas Stars

Chris Pratt as Lumberjack? I'm done for...

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Stone. Cold. Fox. (Robert Redford, 1973)

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Kit Harrington [ from April edition of GQ ] #gameofthrones #jonsnow

Kit Harrington. Jon Snow. Heartbreaker. [from April Edition of GQ] #gameofthrones


Colin O'Donoghue aka Capt. Hook ♡ #OnceUponATime

Sean Maguire aka Robin Hood #OnceUponATime

Alexander Skarsgard- who ever did his hair for this photo needs to be his personal hair stylist because this is the best this guys hair has EVER looked.

Leonardo DiCaprio. He's gonna be around for a long long time...

Jesse Lee soffer - chicago p.d.

Jon Snow - GoT

Kit Harrington: "There's a huge difference between stage fighting and real sword fighting. I feel comfortable with a sword now, I quite enjoy wielding one. I wouldn't profess to be good in a real life and death situation. Enough to maybe hopefully impress the ladies."

Aaron Rodgers. Dimples - check. Crow's feet - check. Scruff - check. Sexy time in 3...2...1...

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Beard + Suit = Swoon