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  • Joan Lunden

    Several friends were reading the "Hunger Games" Trilogy. I couldnt quite imagine the premise. I saw the movie, but reading the books was WAY better. The Hunger Games: Movie Tie-in Edition: Suzanne Collins: 9780545425117: Books

  • Annette Gagnon Klabuhn

    'The Hunger Games': Movie posters

  • Candice Wojack

    The Hunger Games - After seeing the movie I cant wait to read the books! I'll be at the next movie on opening night...addicted!

  • Jennifer Testawich

    3.5/5 The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Buy it on Kobo: #kobo #ebooks #hungergames

  • Macy Trego

    Such a book worth reading...

  • Ramie Miller

    So excited for the Hunger Games movie! The book series is phenomenal, especially since they are written for the young adult audience.

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"And it was decreed that each year the twelve districts of Panem should offer up one young Man and Woman."

Everyone Else vs. Hunger Games Fans :)

I get asked this question all the time and being that I have no idea, I am going to start replying like this! Hahaha!

True, Jens is the, Josh's is perf, Johanna's is like yeah I'm kewl, and haymitch looks like he could laugh in a second.

wait, you only sometimes think that? clearly the man has not been on the internet enough.

SPOILER ALERT (for those of you who haven't read Catching Fire yet) Definitely need to do this to my alarm. But more like "If Jennifer Lawrence can play Katniss, run, & shoot arrows, and still remember lines flawlessly, you can get up"

And yet, there's that tiny part of your brain that lives in a padded rooms and whose choice attire is a hug jacket. That part of your brain whispers, "Yes, child. It will happen."

Top and bottom-first movie Middle-second movie. Not only can you see the differences in the actors (which is amazingly done) but notice the difference in lighting and setting. Francis Lawrence did an amazing job with Catching Fire!

Oh My God mom mom mom mom WHAT. can u take me to see catching November 11. NO why not because I SAID SO GO TO YOUR ROOM no make me ok you wont ever see ok ok ok ok sorry I will go in my room

and no one can kill a cute baker. Bc Josh is just that cute!