I'd be fun to carry this around with me and start scribbling in it while glaring at random people

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This is hilarious.... Unfortunately I know people that will not get this!! #meme check out WWW.FAILIOUS.COM for funny things.

I don't get it. I really don't see what's dirty here. Ok, I lied. I have a dirty mind. Even funnier, 68 and I owe you one.

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bitches love wine


Albert Einstein's fear


This is me!

How funny would it be to carry this around all the time...then when someone says something rude, u just pull it out right in front of them and obviously add their name. Lol!



You play the victim so well. I’m surprised you don’t carry around your own body chalk. | Snarkecards

lolol tell 'em sista.

Unless you wanna get roundhouse kicked

Self explanatory.

Just can't put a good book down