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Nothing but sensuality

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Channie Oppa




Romance Exo

tumblr_obc684uWXK1r9pu2io5_540.jpg (540×810)

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Male body study by SoraCooper on deviantART

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160722 ‪#‎EXOrDIUMinSeoul‬ Day 1

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senior photo for Dakota

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Cameron Dallas all smiles

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Cypress and Houston Premiere Senior Portrait Photographer: Cypress Senior Photography

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ETHEN SAUNDERS {Alexander's} Archangel Ahadiel - Governs the enforement of Mans and Holy Law.

Seth Kuhlmann


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Yes, Dave Franco, I realise James is your brother, but you just need to put that out of your mind for a few hours

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️ ️ ️ ️Jimin Oppa Bts ️ ️ ️ ️

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jimin's.... abs.... sweet jesus

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teen boys with hot abs

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love this pose- "like you're sitting ringside at a basketball game..."

Clan Relanni

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640 777

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Hanzo Shimada





Something is happening in Nihon.

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Hey I'm Caxton. Courtney is my sister. I'm 19 and single but looking. Baseball is life. If anyone hurts Courtney...ill find you...

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I just want a guy who listens to the same music as I do, is funny, has an amazing personality and is incredibly sweet to me. Is that so hard to understand?