Tank-scapping ideas...

Awesome #Betta #Tank with #natural #plants! :)

Planted Tank

Smaller tanks can be sttrative too! beautiful red dragon HMPK with planted tank

I love this tank! And the betta is so beautiful! This tank suits him! And he looks very happy!

A lovely planted betta tank. Still a little smallish for my liking, but certainly a lot better ( Betta?) than most!


Planted 6 gallon Eheim - rodstewart on plantedtank.net

Crayfish City, Betta Bowl, Bonsai Betta, Betta Beauties, Betta Mini, Bettas 3, Betta Fish

aquascape.... great for bettas

Let us think out of the box a little bit. Or maybe put our thoughts into a box. A glass box. An Aquarium. If you ever wanted to have a garden but didnt have the space for it, how bout your own minature underwater garden? #Urban www.asiahomegarden.com

Awesome Aquarium

Beautiful Edge with Betta and friends

natural looking betta tanks | have this ornament which could work with the style above:

How to make a waterfall in a planted aquarium | this is such a cool and innovative idea! maybe save this idea for a more permanent tank...


Now THAT'S a planted tank!

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Kit is a 1.1 Gallon Half Moon Tank that provides plenty of room for a Betta. Has a convenient feeding hole. Comes with a repositionable LED Light that fits above or beneath the tank. The LED light has 4 white LEDs, an on/off switch and can be powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) or a Micro USB B cable (not included).

now thats a tank