Tank-scapping ideas...

Betta tank with no substrate or rooted plants


beautiful betta (red dragon HMPK)

Planted Tank

2.5 Gallon Betta Tank | gallon betta tank - Imgur


'Charm of light' #planted tank #nature aquarium

natural looking betta tanks | have this ornament which could work with the style above:

Awesome Aquarium

betta tank mates

A lovely planted betta tank. Still a little smallish for my liking, but certainly a lot better ( Betta?) than most!

Very nice! I am loving the white Betta with the green plants and black background:) See the little bubbles? That is the plants producing Oxygen! Means the plants are very healthy!

Planted Betta Aquarium

Now THAT'S a planted tank!

Betta Fish

Christmas Moss. Java Moss will help keep the Betta tank clean and “eat” their waste. This site had everything that I was looking for. It to about three weeks to arrive, but they are shipping from out of the country. Link: http://www.aqmagic.com/moss/java-moss-p-215.html

Nice planted betta tank. From Aquarium Poetry Blog.


Which fish can live with bettas? Betta fish can be very territorial - they don't get called fighting fish for nothing! But knowing a few simple facts you will be able to have you betta co-existing with other fish peacefully. #aquarium