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Punky Brewster

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I so wanted to be her....till I realized she was an orphan. But I still loved this show!! Punky Brewster

God I loved 1984. Punky Brewster was the best show ever. She was like my soul sister :) Why did it have to end, oh why!?! :)

Oh you inspired some horrible outfits that I actually wore to school...

(Punky) and Brandon the Wonder Dog from the TV show "Punky Brewser

Punky Brewster is an American sitcom about a girl named Punky Brewster (Soleil Moon Frye) being raised by her foster parent (George Gaynes). The show ran on NBC from September 16, 1984 to September 7, 1986 and again in first-run syndication from October 30, 1987 to May 27, 1988.

Great 80's show...used to want a bedroom like hers! Loved her bed and all the christmas lights

Loved Punky Brewster! We got a puppy when we were little and we named her Punky! (our last name was Brewer!) hahaha

Punky Brewster... I saw the dvd of the first 10 episodes in the store the other day and had to hold back buying it