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    The Gluten-thyroid connection



    • Carmen Crowley

      The gluten-thyroid connection. This is a more prevelant issue nowadays. Being gluten free has eliminated my need for thyroid medicine.

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    • Tanya

      The Gluten-Thyroid Connection- why you can't just be "mostly" gluten free, especially if you have ANY autoimmune disorder but particularly hashimotos.

    • Winona Glass

      Very good tricks to cure the Thyroid issues. Ive managed now to get my own looked after. Gluten-Thyroid Connection

    • Eva Rodriguez

      The Gluten - Thyroid connection. WOW! This is interesting. AITD actually thing gluten is your thyroid and attacks it!! Crazy! Guess I have to go 100% gluten free =(

    • E RR

      The Gluten-Thyroid Connection: "Even worse, the immune response to gluten can last up to 6 months each time you eat it. This explains why it is critical to eliminate gluten completely from your diet if you have AITD. There’s no “80/20″ rule when it comes to gluten. Being “mostly” gluten-free isn’t going to cut it. If you’re gluten intolerant, you have to be 100% gluten-free to prevent immune destruction of your thyroid."

    • Urban Pioneer Woman

      The Gluten-Thyroid Connection..... Best article explaining gluten and thyroid issues!!!

    • Alexandria

      The Silent Toxin in Food that Provokes Cancer, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and More

    • Jia Strangekitten

      Wheatgrass seeds for kitties.

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