"Brain Break sticks! Each popsicle stick has an activity on it {like spin 3x, jump rope, macarena, seat swap, etc.}. When I see that the kids are starting to fade away, I stop and say "man, our brains need to take a break, lets do a brain break. The kids absolutely go NUTS for these fun little activities. None last longer than a minute and it's a great way to get them focused!"

Brain Breaks - Printable games and activities for 5 minute classroom breaks

Superhero themed brain breaks. Have kiddos imagine being superheroes when performing brain breaks! Pink Oatmeal

My brain break cards - perfect for transitions between lessons. Kids pick a brain break stick and all do what it says!

Brain breaks! Cool idea!

Brain Breaks

a really fun idea for classroom management/transitions... the "action cup!" write different actions on popsicle sticks, such as "pretend your legs are spaghetti" and have one student pick an action for the class to do each time they transition!

Brain Breaks and Fidgets

Brain Breaks by The Teacher Next Door is a set of 100 task cards filled with active games, exercises, and creative movement to help your kids regain focus after periods of sitting. These activities are not only fun but beneficial for learning. Studies have shown that brain breaks activate the mind and help to relieve stress. Plus, kids think they're so much fun! $

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This brain breaks freebie is not only super fun, it will also really help your students to refocus so they are ready to learn. And it is Free!

Afternoon yoga brain breaks to keep your students engaged throughout the day #teachingtips #education

Activity Sticks : When you're losing their attention or see they need a break - pull a stick and do what it says for a minute - great way to get them moving!

Quick Time Fillers for Subs~ descriptions of games here. Great sub ideas to stretch out a lesson, fill time, keep student energy positive!

Chipmunk Brain break

Brain Breaks [Break it Down with 35 fun, quick, and easy activities that will get your kiddos (and their brains) movin’ and groovin’!]

Focus Sticks

End of year teaching awards! What fun!

20 Three-Minute Brain Breaks - perfect for this wiggly time of year!