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Writing (Banana) spiders live all around our house. They write words in their webs~

Holy crap, girl--are you trying to jumpstart my heart this morning? Ain't nuthin' cute about that! Lyn Rozier

Gasteracantha Cancriformis-Spiders are creepy,but some are beautiful as well.

Spider It would seem that this is - by far - my most repinned pin...

Garden weaver spider. I had two of those outside of my house. Their names were Bob and Tom. And Tom disappeared. Like a week later we were getting home and out popped Tom under my door frame. I screamed so loud until I knew what it was. Lol

spider... Too many legs and too much hair! this one looks a little scary

Types of Spiders – How are Spiders Classified and Grouped? URL:

hurray for biological/botanical illustrations! // spider.

jumping spider -- Phidippus sp (it seems wrong to think any spider is cute)