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    Roll a Brain Break- Fun!! Need some of this with all the testing! Upper Grades Are Awesome: Pinterest top 10 for next school year #testing #stress #teaching #brain #games

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    Movement breaks game with dice and more, from your therapy source. Good ideas!

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    Freebie - Brain Breaks Game- roll two die and take a break to move and energize the class

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    New Freebie - Brain Breaks Game - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins (ADAPT FOR FAMILY NIGHT, GAMES FOR TEACHERS FOR VARIOUS LESSON PLANS, ETC.--MB)

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Like this connection between base 10 blocks and hundreds chart. Place value connection...combining a hundreds chart with base-10 blocks to see tens and ones.

Here's a neat and 3-D way of looking at a multiplication table. Perfect visual for our visual learners.

measuring the radius or diameter of cut out circles in either centimeters or inches. Then students needed to calculate the area and circumference of the circle.

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{Free} 100 Chart Puzzles. Great idea to use as a math center or to give students their own bags and have kids practice putting the hundreds grid back together.

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Here is a GREAT lesson on making a circle graph inspired by a great piece of math literature. Very motivating for students!

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Angles art with a protractor and colour by angles colour scheme - fun way to learn maths

A tent card number line - she uses this with decimals, but I can see it being used for whole numbers, too! Great for teaching number sense and "distance" between 2 numbers.

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youtube on equivalent fractions

This is sooo easy --- Make this Practice Thermometer with a straw and a pipe cleaner!

23 multiplication apps for kids - lots of these are free!

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The Power of NOT Giving the Answer...ever asked the students a question and let them stew on it for DAYS? Come check out today's blog post to see how I worked to REALLY get my students thinking about fractions--not just TELLING them about fractions.

Show multiplication in many ways.

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