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Things Musicals Taught Me, Submitted by chubbytreebunny.

Things Musicals Taught Me, Submitted by singingthroughthestorm

What Musicals Taught Me: Phantom of the Opera... When going to the opera, don't sit under the chandelier. It may be ok and anti-climactic on your 10th birthday on Broadway when it doesn't happen due to technical difficulties, but be careful the next time.

Now you could study Shakespeare and be quite elite, you could charm the critics and have nothin' to eat... Just slip on a banana peel and the world's at your feet!

And an avalanche must be involved, it just doesn't work without an avalanche... Stockholm syndrome is bad

...or you will break your parole and you'll be hunted down by the police for ten years even though you've become a good, honest mayor and factory owner, and you have to adopt your employee's daughter because her mother died, and your adoptive daughter becomes involved with a boy who is involved with a band of rebels. :)

West Side Story *sorry for language* but..IT'S SO TRUE! Jets rule!! [Kelleyann you and the PR's stink!] #mwhahaha

things musicals taught me les miserables | Things Musicals Taught Me, submitted by purplemay-e

It's amazing how often it's referenced in films. I'm the one jumping up and down giggling, "Ohmygod! His arrest number is 24601! Hahahaha!" and everyone looks at me like I'm in need of therapy...

I hate it when people ask me what it means. I'm just like DUH!

"One act of kindness could change a person's outlook on life forever". - Les Miserables

But, hey...then a little fall of rain can hardly hurt you... ;)