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  • Kelly Ann

    fluffy puppies :)

  • Jeri Hill

    Aussie- hands down the best dog breed in the world.

  • Liliana Reis


  • B Blackheart

    Australian Shepherds have recently become one of my favorite breeds. Alas, they are high energy, smart dogs who need daily work (herding) and exercise, lots of it. In my dream life, I'd have a couple, along with something for them to herd and the land to herd them on. Hoppy little baby goats, maybe. The Eskies could cause the chaos, and the Aussies would control it. Perpetual motion. And laughter.

  • A g a t h e . I t

    Blue Merle Australian Shepherd puppy

  • Dog Lover

    Australian Shepherd #dog #shepherd #animal

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cute puppy!!!i should try this with my going to try this with my dads work shoe

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