Horse Milk: a popular Kyrgyz beverage is kymyz, a slightly alcoholic drink made by fermenting mare's milk. This drink is considered to be a signature drink of Euroasian nomadic culture, as it is also consumed in Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

photo by Eric Lafforgue

Tajik Woman in Tashkurgan, Xinjiang, China

Woman from Majangir Tribe in Tepi, Ethiopia, Eric Lafforgue

Veiled woman and baby - Yemen by Eric Lafforgue

Not sure if interesting or "absolutely adorable" is appropriate.

China | Tajik woman in Tashkurgan (in the mountains near Pakistan), Xinjiang. | © Eric Lafforgue

Elderly Nomads from Mongolia

Girl from Mongolia

Meaningful snapshot with a great message. Taken by Timothy Allen in Mongolia.

Kyrgyz girl. Afghan Pamir. January 1971. | © Sabrina and Roland Michaud

Ulan Bator's Underground Homeless

M54 Krasnoyarsk - Mongolia highway

Sri Lanka

Africa | Portrait from Libya

Ikko NARAHARA :: Hibiya, 1954-58

by Steve McCurry

underwater photographs by Kanoa Zimmerman.

Steve McCurry - Pakistan

by Steve McCurry