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“I'm wearing my grandmother's old Dior scarf, a second hand anorak, an Object coat, second hand shoes and a bag which my mother brought home one day. I like loose-fitting clothes and I don't mind if they are tattered. I'm dreaming of a dress with polka dot print. You can see great styles at rock festivals.”

Aiwei, 34 “I call my style flea-mart minimalist clash. Now I'm wearing a customized hat and shirts, the rest are second hand, except the tights from H”

Leena - Hel Looks - Street Style from Helsinki

Anna, 38 “My favourite look for the day and night: the dress and the shirt Laitinen, the jeans Acne, the shoes Ann Demeulemeester.”

I saved this link to a Scandinavian street style website. Love it.

Maria, 23 “I'm a huge Patrik ♥ Jenni fan.” 24 May 2012, Salomonkatu

“I like clothes that first look weird and even ugly like these corduroy pants, glitter knits, shoulder paddings and Pierre Cavallo knitwear. I don't want to copy anyone, but find things myself.”

Emilia, 20 “I bought my coat for 1 euro at Fida thrift store. The skirt is from Indian Summer vintage store, the t-shirt and the shoes are my friend's. I like to wear easy clothes. In autumn it's time to start putting on make-up again.”

Hanni, 28 “Marimekko's Mari-essu dress makes me happy. The bag is from the 70s and my mother's old, the shoes are Swedish Hasbeens. I like playful and colourful clothes. Vintage Vuokko and Marimekko dresses from the 60s and the 70s are my treasures.”

Suvi, 31 “I'm wearing a vintage Santtu dress designed by Annika Rimala, Swedish Hasbeens and a bag made out of an Opa bottle designed by Timo Sarpaneva. My favourite brand is Vuokko. Contemporary art and primary colours and shapes inspire me.”

Maria, 29 “I'm wearing Monki and Italian shoes. I like easy, loose clothes and ethnic influences. Colours are important, they are so charming. Grimes inspire me.”