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  • claudiu florea

    There is no such thing as free soup

  • Korrin Lewis

    true, but i still live at home XD

  • Michael Mangan

    I am an artist, quote.

  • Elke D'haese

    True story!

  • Avant Garland

    via Creativist on FB i have: a mortgage, car payments/gas/maintenance, grocery bills, medical bills, vet bills, utilities, and more...JUST LIKE YOU. so when you ask an artist to do work before you pay them, even just to "Get an idea", consider PAYING them for that idea even if it doesn't end up being the one you use.

  • Kimberly Ingram

    I AM AN ARTIST. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I WILL WORK FOR FREE. I HAVE BILLS JUST LIKE YOU. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING. - I mean really, would you go into someone's art show and ask to buy their painting for 75% off the ticketed price? Would you go into a department store and ask to have that coat on display for free? Would you go into a salon and ask the stylists to do your nails and hair for 10% of their normal fee? NEVER! It is just not acceptable. #artist #photographer #crafter #business

  • SonicomIT

    I Am An Artist #Typography #Poster #Design

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