Celtic woading and indigo body art

Epic Celtic chest tattoo on breast cancer survivor :)

Diseños de tatuajes.......or something :)!


Vaisnavi Sanga: Mehandi: art, tradition and service


sugar skull and flowers

21 Styles & Trends of Bridal Henna - Divya's Henna Art

White Henna Boho Set // Set Boho Henna Blanca - Frenzy Flare

henna flower ankle tattoo

moroccan #henna

Wow. This is gorgeous


Henna Mehndi The henna artists at the Texas Renaissance Festival can give you this gorgeous look! http://texrenfest.com/

body graphic design

how to make glitter henna

Mother and Child Knot -Wood Carved Celtic Knot Mothers Love -Nurturing Motherhood

Done by Tom Bartley, tattoo artist at Tattooed Warrior Tattoo Studio (Brisbane), Australia TattooStage.com - Rate & review your tattoo artist. #tattoo #tattoos #ink