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    simple pavers create a sense of purpose and destination among a mass of hostas and other foliage plants.

    Dead nettle is valued in the garden for their sprawling foliage that makes an excellent groundcover in a shady garden. Its 1-inch long flowe...

    Got limited sun? These 15 vegetables only need 4 hours a day of direct light. Utilize them in those shaded areas of the yard, and leave the sun for the tomatoes. :)

    'Golden Tiara' with variegated golden hakone grass and purple shamrock, perennials rock! landscaping, gardening

    Easy-to-grow toad lily is ideal for shade gardens. More of the best perennials for shade:

    Name: Lilyturf, (Liriope) An easy-to-grow favorite shade perennial. Loved for its grassy foliage and spikes of blue or white flowers in late summer, as well as its resistance to deer and rabbits, lilyturf is practically a plant-it-and-forget garden resident. It grows best in Zones 5-10 and grows a foot tall. Test Garden Tip: Lilyturf can be a fast, almost aggressive spreader when it's happy.

    lovely shade garden. pavers are part regular, part irregular, nice contrast of foliage texture and color. I also love the yellow-green chair. I'd trip on that ball, though.

    Bigroot Geranium One of the toughest plants in the shade garden, bigroot geranium (Geranium macrorrhizum) doesn't mind heat or drought. And, deer and rabbits typically pass it by in search of tastier morsels. This plant puts on a spring show with pink or white flowers; some varieties also offer outstanding fall coloration in their woodsy-scented foliage. Bigroot geranium is hardy in Zones 4-8 and grows 2 feet tall. Top Picks: 'Album' offers white flowers; 'Ingwersen's Variety' offers clear pink flowers; 'Variegatum' has purple-pink flowers and white-variegated leaves