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Time to Run by Lord Huron on SoundCloud

Noah and the Whale 5 years time :) this song makes me feel like summer when it is cold and snowy in Minnesota

"Take on Me" by A-ha; this video was WAY ahead of its time. I always loved this video!!

Little Joy -My "IT" band right now! I listen to them every Saturday on my way to visit my dad's. Whole album makes me smile

Well I've lost it all, I'm just a silouhette, A lifeless face that you'll soon forget...

Acoustic "It's Time" Imagine Dragons Acoustic is definitely one of my favorite types of music. They seem to have a lot more feeling due to the voice being the most prominent, if not only instrument

Lord Huron - Mighty. "You were mighty and you were stronger, but I bow no longer." This song makes me want to stop wherever I am, throw my hands in the air and dance around like a maniac.

A music video by Lord Huron for the song, "She Lit A Fire." The music just takes you back to another time.

Jessie J - Domino. My guilty-pleasure dance jam of the moment. Glitter masks, patterned cat suits, and bedazzled hats?! YES!!!

You & I by Crystl Fighters. Der erste Sommerhit 2013!