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"Mini Supernova" Explosion Could Have Big Impact

This is GK Persei, an object that became a sensation in the astronomical world in 1901 when it suddenly appeared as one of the brightest stars in the sky for a few days, before gradually fading away in brightness. Today, astronomers cite GK Persei as an example of a “classical nova,” an outburst produced by a thermonuclear explosion on the surface of a white dwarf star, the dense remnant of a Sun-like star.

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13) She never gave up on me... After my first of major surgery.. A heart surgery at the age of one ; A women saw my mother in the recovery room and told her in Spanish "You are young, live your life and leave her here.. the state can care for her" she looked at her and told her "God gave her to me for a reason"... ^-^

10 Expert-Approved Tips to Triumph Over Summer Procrastination

"DCF has investigated Terrell at least three times before and even took her two other children. Still, investigators said it wasn't enough to remove the child until they finally made their move on Tuesday night."

◙ Will the Universe One Day Collapse? │ “The phase transition in the universe will happen if a bubble is created where the Higgs-field associated with the Higgs-particle reaches a different value (from) the rest of the universe. If this new value results in lower energy and if the bubble is large enough, the bubble will expand at the speed of light in all directions.” │ ☼