Missing you...

An easier way for my brain to comprehend missing someone after their death.

Said beautifully. I miss you mom!!

Missing her tonight... Wish it didn't have to be this way

I Love YOU...I Just Absolutely Love YOU!!!! I love talking to you..listening to you..thinking of you..dreaming of you..holding you..kissing you..being with you..laughing with you..holding your hand..seeing U smile..looking into your eyes..caressing you..loving you.....I Do!!!! And always will Baby!! I Miss YOU!!!!***

Love Quotes for Her--"52 Romantic Things You Should Do! Become a LOVE MAGNET!

This is so true. I have been near death on more than one occasion and I am grateful for every day. I truly am blessed to be alive. ♥

so true

In Loving Memory of…… In Memory of those we have loved and lost Today is one of those days. A single glimpse, a flash, a memory…. A unknown sadness surrounds me… Until you I realized….. I’m missing you so much….. http://linkprosperity.com/in-loving-memory-of-5


Time...this is a good quote

Missing someone

Missing my mom and dad

This quote is to true!! Miss the loved ones that have passed like crazy!!

So true.... Unfortunately.

Missing you

well said...

Didn't get my weekend cuddles with Steve so I am SOOO feelin' this right now!!!

Missing Someone

So important....true love does not judge. He should love you at your worst just as he does at your very best. I'm so lucky

For Daddy & Gena