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Cabbage Patch Kids Stroller. I had this! I'd put my poor kitty in it lol

Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids Twin Sheet Set by NostalgiaMama on Etsy. $14.00, via Etsy. Had this very set! Loved this very set, too. (sigh)

Cabbage Patch Koosas Cat..awww..I remember my cousin bought me one for my birthday, with this outfit, but he wasn't all stripey.

My Cabbage Patch doll looked like this, with a Mets Uniform. Named him Daryl Strawberry. Still have him

Getting a new Cabbage Patch Kid, hanging her birth certificate on the wall, and carrying her around with you everywhere. | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand Ester Franco You gave me this one!

Cabbage Patch Kids: I had a similar one, brunette, called Camilla.

Cabbage Patch Kids. I ALWAYS took mine to the dentist with me because I was scared. Haha. Her name was Mavis Amanda

I loved my Cabbage Patch Kid. It was in the craze where no one could find them. My grandma bought me one and I couldn't believe I got one. Her name was Hilary Beatrix