felted bag

sewing bag.

<3 Car storage bag. Kids can see everything inside, but all toys and goodies are off the floor.

Crochet Yarn Bag - SewingForSarah.Webs.Com

oh wolfy. mariechou.

Nadia the cloth cat doll


Valentine's Day Bag http://www.sewingforsarah.webs.com/5x7valentinebag.htm

Free pattern!

Rice bag heating pads is what the craft project instructions are for, but these can also be used to play a game, like bean bag in the basket. I've made them and played with my son and his Grandma; it was a blast, easy to play and easy to make.

Tic-Tac-Toe Travel Game Bag- Kids will have fun passing time with this homemade travel game bag. It is a cute and simple way to take tic-tac-toe on the go!

A soft toy for a baby. A perfect baby-welcoming gift you can make in a really short time. Easy to make, this step-by-step tutorial takes you through your first sewing project.

$12.00 in the hoop Eco Bags 3 Sizes - SewingForSarah.Webs.Com

Dinosaur Tails Tutorial - This is a simple, fun, toy for kids. I designed these tails with two straps that wrap around their waist with velcro in front making it easy for them to get them on and off themselves. These have been fun during these long winter months when we have to play inside. My boy has "dino fights" with his dad where he wiggles his bum to use the tail as a sword...it's pretty cute.

40 things to make for boys. Lots of good ideas!

Snowball fight toy

train storage

Magnetic Knife Rack from Ikea

LOVE bag to sew