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Fellow Americans: Emergently Needed ~~Skilled Objective Critical Thinkers with Engaged Discernment

Does any of this sound familliar? We're coming out of the worst recession in 50 years, and what are the republicans proposing? Bills that attack human rights, blatant racial blaming, attacks on womens rights .

Never stop, never give-up

We have the capability of living without oil. It's like we're all on drugs (oil dependency) and the drug lords (oil companies) are making millions off of the destruction of our land, air, and water.

Hmmm, wonder why? Could it be that they"ve been redistributing Wealth upwards???

President Obama has NOT raised the Deficit. He has CUT it by almost despite GOP obstruction.

I believe that political system never give choice to us, its just fake choice which calls "Ideology"

and bullies you into choosing between 2 ppl. Ppl are scared shitless to vote party bcuz we've been told its a wasted vote.

Norm Chomsky

Noam Chomsky quote: As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please, and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome.

Like all successful businesses, it's set targets and has achieved them !  And like other successful businesses it's allowed to avoid paying tax with the compliance of corrupt government. And therein lies "democracy" and the "free" market.

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Religion Harms. Religion does three things effectively: divides people, controls people and deludes people.

Not for sale!!!  Bernie Sanders.  This guy probably has a lot of shortcomings in different important areas, but he cannot be bought.

Not for sale! Hillary Clinton is better than any Republican, but make no mistake -- she's bought and paid for by Wall Street. Bernie Sanders is looking out for us, she's looking out for them. Vote for Bernie!

Noam Chomsky

You cannot control your population by force, but it can be distracted by consumption.- Noam Chomsky american linguist, dissident and author

George W Bush November 2005, during a discussion regarding renewing the Patriot Act, and the possible unconstitutionality of various parts of the law said. Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It is just a goddamned piece of paper. Where was the outrage?  George W Bush, worst president ever.

"Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It's just a goddamned piece of paper! Bush, November during a discussion regarding the Patriot Act and the possible unconstitutionality of various parts of the law.

Before Unions came along, every day was "Bring your Child to Work Day."

TaxDodging Trump thinks working Americans are Paid too much!Labor 411 Thought about Take Your Child to Work Day

Wake up

Sheeple believing the mainstream media. Thought Obama was bringing the troops home from "Bush's War." Oops, he didn't give a deadline so I guess now that he's in his second term, it's "Obama's War.