Vintage Ad

A 1950s ad extolling the energy giving benefits of candy. Oh for the good old days! :)

1940s Oreo Cookie Ad, Advertisement. Wartime Illustration.

This is an actual old school Heineken advertisement. Read the copy and you'll agree... We're too soft on our kids nowadays. lol

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vintage ads!

Old Ads

Vintage food ads from the 1940s

Martin Van Buren Bates, known as the "Kentucky Giant", was the largest soldier in the Civil War. Though born an infant of normal size, he grew to 7'5''. His ferocity in battle, aided by his imposing figure, made him legendary, with Union soldiers telling tales of a "Confederate giant who's as big as five men and fights like fifty". After the war he married a giantess, Anna Swan, and they toured with various circuses.

1956 Swanson TV Dinner original vintage advertisement. Fried chicken dinner includes one drumstick or thigh, portion of breast and wing with mashed potatoes and mixed vegatables. No work before, no dishes after!

Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket sign

Vintage ad

Old ad sexism. Prior to the invention of the twist-top, ketchup bottles could only be opened by smashing the top off with a rock hard penis.

McDonald's Vintage Ads

When a bucket of chicken looked like this. We called it Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders had many failures until he was 65 and started his chicken restaurant.

Colonel Harlan Sanders holding a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken

ARTICLE: Vintage ads which encouraged women to put ON weight before hitting the beach.