Sirenuca (Cantabrian), a beautiful but disobedient and spoiled lady with a fancy for climbing the most dangerous cliffs of Castro Urdiales to sing with the waves and was, therefore, transformed into an ephydriad

My 1920's/gangster/vintage glamour themed 21st

Crazy Eye Makeup Ideas are very popular among young generation. They want some Crazy Eye Makeup Ideas to be applied.

Silver glitter...

Glitter bombs :: Gypsy Sparkle :: Sequins :: Iridescent :: Mermaid Luxe :: Stardust :: See more Sparkling Fashion Photography + Style Inspiration

Crafty Lady Abby: BEAUTY: Galaxy Lips

Crafty Lady Abby: BEAUTY: Galaxy Lips These Galaxy Lips by Ashh E. She used a combination of lip gloss, eyeshadow, lip tars, and reflective shimmer to create this cosmic lip look. This is a true work of art.

Rojo con negro

Red and Black Eyeshadow. Red and blue are approximate opposites on the color wheel so this would make blue eyes pop! My new to do is to get a red shadow. (Uh, everything is close on the color wheel, but blue and red are not even close to opposite)

purple reign

purple reign

know how to do the basic smokey eyes. Just change the color, master the art of blending && eyeliner .now you know the basic smokey eyes.