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  • Robby Griffin

    Cooper Postcard Collection "Log Train of Lamb-Fish Lumber Co., Charleston, Mississippi." Charleston, Mississippi, Tallahatchie County

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Currie Creek is somewhere between George and Jackson Counties, over on the Alabama line.

Actor Morgan Freeman on his farm near Charleston, Mississippi. Photo Credit: Jim Herrington.

At first glance, this is super cute, but I do find it a bit disconcerting that Newton's not on here, but Little Rock is. And worse, McCall's Creek if but LAUREL isn't? Yeah, on second thought, this should be put under "funny bone". Mississippi the Magnolia State

Lamb-Fish bridge in Tallahatchie county, MS 2008

Windsor Ruins. Built in 1861 by Smith Coffee Daniell II. The Plantation survived the Civil War unharmed, only to be destroyed by an accidental fire in 1890. All was lost expect of the columns and some ironwork. The ruins are those of the largest antebellum Greek Revival mansions built in the state, and has been used in various motion pictures. It is located in Claiborne County in Mississippi.