Shrunken Head Cider - Totally creepy and perfect for a halloween party

Gross. Yet, awesome. Ultra Creepy Halloween Meat Head

FREAKY! use a toothpick to drag out 'legs' from melted choc chips!

creepy dish (mini marshmallows + caramel)

How to make easy, edible fake blood. Halloween is coming up!

Halloween Cupcakes creepy eyes

halloween party graveyard

Halloween food presentation.

Polish The Stars: 266 Halloween Food Ideas : Creepy, Cute, and Gross

Add pumpkin bits for to skeleton for guts. Like the glowing eyes and the overturned pumpkin head and how it is carved.

Bear's class! Rubber snake wreath for Halloween

Pumpkin Witch

Make your family some kitty litter brownie dessert! It's just Squished and molded brownie sitting in chopped nuts. This seriously looks DisGUSTing! Great for Halloween :) GROSS!!! Boys would love this...


Skull Cheese Ball // Choose your favorite cheese ball recipe, and form it into a skull for a Halloween party.

Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas for outside your house and decorating for parties! #halloween

Bat Headband How-To

creepy girl behind the bathroom door....OMG IM GONNA DO THIS for HALLOWEEN and scare the poop out of everyone

Little Joseph Candle Holder

Halloween Food - Spooky dipped strawberries