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words to live by. #quotes Weekend To-Do | Honestly Jamie

Eye on Business | How to Market to Senior Guys | Senior Style Guide


love.... this would be a great way to start back to school night! ♥

I have selective OCD! Kitchen has to be clean, counters cleared, nothing on it but my craft area should probably be condemned! It's piled 3 feet high! :D

Tanner always watched this movie with his great grandma!

You may be all these things to me and mean a great deal, but I've learned through my experiences that I should love and respect myself enough to know that with or without you I will live, survive, and eventually thrive.

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Eye on Business | How to Market to Senior Guys | Senior Style Guide

I say this to my niece all the time. Although, now her response is... "I get it, Auntie." *Sad face* lol

because I know that on my deathbed I'll be reading Harry Potter, until the moment when I'm not strong enough.

13 Cards For Couples With An Unconventional Definition Of Romance. These are for me and Jason for sure!

Mom Sleep - on the regular

I need to post this in my house

I'll just try my hardest to not do those things and I'll still won't be perfect but I will love you with every extent of my heart

I may have actually said this out loud before...

Can't help it!

My sister pined this for me. So true, makes me laugh. My kids get away with murder at my parents house, but I guess that's what grandparents are for. Right?

For better or wrose

I love them and thank God for they are my gifts! I think I need this in my life ASAP.

Create moments so your kids will have great memories. (Click for printable version.) I loved playing in the rain as a kid. Can't wait to pass on that memory & make new ones with my kids :)

So true

Here's What Company Slogans Would Look Like If They Were Actually Honest That Chick-fil-a true!