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Close up Macro shot of the bent and twisted rivets from a preserved beam of the World Trade Center. On display at the President Ronald Reagan Library and Museum, Simi Valley, CA. ps More Photos At: Aventine Images: Facebook: Twitter:

SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER - About 18 out of every 100 lung cancers diagnosed are small cell lung cancers. Small cell lung cancer is called this because under the microscope the cancer cells look small and are mostly filled with the nucleus (the control centre of cells). Find out more:

Retinitis pigmentosa & macular degeneration can cause permanent blindness if left untreated. Researchers have the challenge trying to discern what makes some eye tissues diseased but others healthy. To overcome this, computational molecular phentoyping (CMP) can be used to reveal how well individual cells in tissue are metabolizing compared to others. Seen here is CMP image from goldfish retina where diff't colors highlight diff't metabolites. Image by BW Jones & RE Marc, U of Utah