Sail-Inspired German Houseboats of Modern Steel & Glass



Amazing House

A modern Portland houseboat

Floating Houses, Portland, Oregon. Oh do I love this

Semi Submerged Two Story Boat House... Imagination made Real, through Effort.. Together we can make Dreams come True.. Apply here: Wait-list here:

Introducing the Vipp Shelter - NordicDesign

HOUSE BOAT - X-Architects

water house


ღღ Führerscheinfreies Hausboot in Brandenburg an der Havel.

Floating house

Thesayboat Modern Houseboat Photo

Modern Tiny House used as Office: The Think Tank House

In this case, favorite House-Boats: Thesayboat Modern Houseboat. Designed and owned by Marek Ridky of Flowhouse in the Czech Republic, the houseboat’s design was created as a home with views of the stars. Read more at Design Milk:

This Homestead House a conceptual design for alternative housing that explores the potential use of a commercially available steel, prefabricated, modular, high strength, low cost, arch building system normally used for agricultural purposes, and is designed to function off of the standard utility grid.

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floating house