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African American Inventor John Standard patented an improved refrigerator design standard (a non-electrical and unpowered design, refrigerator using a manually-filled ice chamber for chilling) on June 14 1891 (U.S. patent #455,891).

Though Thomas Edison is recognized as the inventor of the light bulb, African-American inventor Lewis Latimer played an important role in its development. In 1881, Latimer patented a method for making carbon filaments, allowing light bulbs to burn for hours instead of minutes. Latimer also drafted the drawings that helped Alexander Graham Bell receive a patent for the telephone.

Hope you guys know this man. Woodson is cited as the founder of Black History Month. He was an African-American historian, author, journalist and the founder of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. In 1912, he became the second African-American to earn a Ph.D at Harvard University.

Jesse Russell is an African American inventor whose innovative perspectives profoundly influenced the wireless communication industry. He’s know for his patented invention of the Digital Cellular Base station that enabled new digital services for cellular users. As a top honor student at Tennessee State University’s School of Engineering , he became the first African American to be hired directly from an HBCU, historically black college and university.

Anthony Bowen, who purchased his own freedom from slavery in Maryland, founded the first YMCA chapter for African Americans in 1853. This was one of the first organizations for African Americans. Bowen was an abolitionist and advised President Lincoln to enlist African American troops to fight in the civil war. He was also the first African American to work in the US Patent Office.

Dr. Patricia Era Bath is an African American and Native American ophthalmologist, inventor of the Laserphaco Probe. Bath is the first African American woman doctor to receive a patent for a medical purpose. Her Laserphaco Probe is used to treat cataracts.

Jim Beckwourth was an African American who played a major role in the early exploration and settlement of the American West. Although there were people of many races and nationalities on the frontier, Beckwourth was the only African American who recorded his life story, and his adventures took him from the everglades of Florida to the Pacific Ocean and from southern Canada to northern Mexico.

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You Should Know About Granville T Woods

Grandville T. Woods (1856-1910), Grandville made incredible contributions to railroad safety. He invented the technology that kept trains seperated and notified engeneers of train proxcimity. He also invented the multiplex telegraph