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African American History / Black History. African American inventor Alfred L. Cralle September 4, 1866–1920) - Is best remembered for inventing the ice cream scoop, a design still in use today. Born in Kenbridge, Lunenburg County, Virginia. He attended local schools and worked with his father in the carpentry trade as a young man, becoming interested in mechanics.

Alan Shepherd posing in the first spacesuit design for the Mercury Program in 1963. He will be the first American to enter space.

Photos discovered frozen in block of ice…

Eudora Welty took this photograph called "Carrying the Ice for Sunday Dinner" in 1936 near Bolton, Mississippi.

Ranavalona III (November 22, 1861 – May 23, 1917) was the last sovereign of the Kingdom of Madagascar. She ruled from July 30, 1883 to February 28, 1897 in a reign marked by ongoing and ultimately futile efforts to resist the colonial designs of the government of France.

Alfred L. Cralle (African-American- September 4, 1866–1920) was from [Virginia] who became an inventor and businessman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is best remembered for inventing the ice cream scoop in 1897, a practical design still widely in use over 100 years later Alfred L. Cralle was born in Kenbridge, Lunenburg County, Virginia in 1866 just after the end of the American Civil War (1861–1865). He attended local schools and worked with his father in the carpentry trade as a young man, be

A 1950s ice cold whisky dispenser. Omg hahaha...can we get one of these in the office?!

An inventor as well as physicist, Dr. George Carruthers was instrumental in the design of lunar surface ultraviolet cameras. He was also Head of the Ultraviolet Measurements Branch of the Naval Research Laboratory.

January 16, 1901: Born, Frank Zamboni. Frank and his brother Lawrence owned and operated a block ice business, but with the advent of the electric refrigerator, they knew their days were numbered. They opened an ice rink instead, which led to Frank's invention of a machine for resurfacing the ice. "It took him nine years," his son said. "One of the reasons he stuck with it was because everyone told him he was crazy."

Charged with the 1974 murder of a white jailer, Joan Little was ultimately acquitted on Aug. 15, 1975. Her defense claimed that Little, who was in prison at the time, had stabbed the jailer with an ice pick in defense when he assaulted her sexually. Little became the first woman in the United States, regardless of race, to be acquitted using the defense that she used deadly force to prevent sexual assault.

1899-A horse-drawn wagon parked in front of a Birney Public School (Washington DC's first public school for blacks). School children are lined up with their teacher behind the wagon as man shows them large chunk of ice suspended by tongs.

In 1965, Lillian Gilbreth became the first female engineer to be elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE).