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underground tunnel leading to King David's tomb. Actually, anything at the Holy Land would be so spine-tingling to think back to Bible days and imagine David or someone else walking around a palace!

STRONG AS AN OX, Samson carries the gate of Gaza on his shoulders in this newly discovered mosaic decorating the floor of the 5th-c. A.D. synagogue at Huqoq. A mosaic depicting an episode from Judges 15 in which Samson ties 150 pairs of foxes to torches by their tails to destroy the fields of the Philistines had also been discovered in this synagogue. For more, click on the link. Photo: Jim Haberman.

Gaza - Gaza is in the land which was given to the tribe of Judah (Joshua 15:1-12), and one of Messiah's titles is "The Lion of the Tribe of Judah." Gaza is the city where Samson carries the mighty wall gate away. Also, after being captured by the Philistines, Samson destroyed himself & the temple of Gaza by pulling the building down. (Judges 16)

The synagogue was found in the northern part of Zippori. These mosaics are different than the other mosaics that have been found in Zippori. Built during the first half of the 5th c. C.E. the most significant remnant of the synagogue is the "long carpet" of its mosaic floor with depictions of a zodiac and common Jewish symbols like the Holy Ark with a seven-branched Menorah on either of its sides, and also biblical scenes, including tabernacle/temple depictions of the binding of Isaac.

Israel find may help solve mystery of biblical Philistines. The archaeologists kept the discovery a secret for three years until the end of their dig because of a unique hazard of archaeology in modern-day Israel: they did not want to attract ultra-Orthodox Jewish protesters, Master said. "We had to bite our tongues for a long time," Master said. In the past, the ultra-Orthodox have staged demonstrations at excavations where human remains are found, arguing that the remains could be Jewish…

Masada, Israel. We there in the mid 80s and remembered that it was silent except for the far off rumbles of bombs going off in Gaza. It was very unsettling.

Mosaic unearthed in Galilee shows Samson carrying the town gates of Gaza on his shoulders. The mosaic was found while excavating the 5th century AD synagogue at the village of Huqoq. Other sections of the mosaic depict several men and an elephant, as wel as a wounded bull and a dead soldier.

halutza-grape-seeds For the first time, grape seeds dating to the Byzantine period have been found in the Negev desert. The seeds provide supporting evidence for the production of Gazan wine, which was famous throughout the Byzantine world for its fine quality. Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority.