PIN ALL THE THINGS!!! (does this count for our Meta board? Can I pin Pinterest humor or are we super serious and in research mode?)

i'm pinning!

I was seriously in this exact position

.LMAO.. im totally the 1%

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so funny.

Oh but it's so true.

LOL, I love Pinterest and love sharing! NO PIN LIMITS. Enjoy! - Susie ♥

It's that kind of week.

Pinterest addict.

pretty much

Pintercepted: When you are just about to do something, but decide to check Pinterest for a quick second...which turns into an hour-and-a-half. (by

Getting hurt

wait did i pin this already? lol

Haha so me xD

Can I get a witness?! ;)

oh, i'm sorry..

Any joke that includes making fun of how ineffectual the T-Rex's arms are is hilarious in my book!

So true

Haha! This is totally me