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What part of, "I told you so." do you not want to hear on this.. eh?" | One of my best friends, was a counter-top creator. Larry didn't just 'make counter tops', he 'created them'. He did so with the newest materials from the mid-80's through 2000. Then he lost his business due to his onset of Parkinsons. I told him several times that breathing all those fumes couldn't be good for him. It wasn't | Stop the insanity! Get Chem-Free. Life it too short to end up unnecessarily debilitated.

So called "natural brands" who paid to keep GMO's undercover...

from NBC News

Coke, Pepsi to Drop Controversial Chemical from All Drinks

Coke & Pepsi to Drop Controversial Chemical from All Drinks - The Chemical Ingredient Is A Flame Retardant...? NBC News

Did you know how important it is to use reusable bags, as opposed to plastic/paper one-use bags? Check this out.

"We must design 'less toxic and less polluting' chemicals and manufacturing." I'm not sure if we should applaud, cry or sweat. I can see reasons for all three. | (1) APPLAUD: what a novel idea, make chemicals that are safer; that won't kills us. Gee! Why didn't we think of this sooner? DOH! (2) CRY: What took us so long? Was it really necessary to have millions of people's lives destroyed by largely uncontrolled chemical distribution and manufacture - before we realized this?…

Scary Ingredients Found In Food

Scientists warn that chemicals may be altering breast development!! Exposure to #chemicals early in life may alter how breast tissue develops and raise the risks of breast cancer and lactation problems later in life, scientists concluded in a report published Wednesday. The scientists are urging federal officials to add new tests for industrial #chemicals and #pesticides to identify ones that might disrupt breast development.

If you have ANY DOUBT at all, about the seriousness of CLEAN, non-toxic, freely available, drinking water - just look at the headlines in this ONE DAY (01.31.12) news posting by Environmental Health News newsletter, and just maybe you will get a bit clearer picture of just how far 'south' our ability to buffer against major environmental disasters has slipped! Be aware: Educate yourself.

DUH!?! Like this was a shock? What part of 'living in the tropics is dangerous' is hard to understand? Warmer temps equals longer growing periods - FOR EVERYTHING! The most prolific life-form on earth is bacteria! An unnatural warming trend gives bacteria more growing time; more growing time gives them time to increase populations; build immunity to pharmaceuticals. All other life-forms are THEIR feeding 'n breeding grounds. Global climate change affects far more than perception. Wake up!