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    This is true. In my life, I'm walking away from some pointless drama right now. Definitely need to let go of it. And life IS definitely too short to not be happy. Being a hospice nurse has taught me that...

    Agriculture is important!!!! =) And it proves that everyone in the world is permanently connected in the Animal Kingdom

    I love baby cows... They are adorable! I mean how can you ignore that adorableness? (: ♥

    My goodness I miss those calls at all hours of the morning, when I would set my alarm clock just so that I could talk to you on your way to work

    Especially if you are trying to create an image for yourself. It'd be better if it were based on the truth...

    Farm growers who raise their animals on pasture enjoy a number of benefits including being able to raise their families in a peaceful environment and eat nutritious.