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    So true.

    So true



    This is true. So very true.

    So true

    An average day on the Internet… Weather forecast includes a case of 'mild insanity' for today's searches: Pet Snake, Late Night, Funny Snake, So Funny, Reptile People, Internet, Average

    Trust Me: You Can Dance, Text Your Ex, You're Great at Karaoke, You Are Very Interesting. The Wine speaketh the truth.


    I just died.

    Make your animal happy by buying the BEST pet products for up to 50% off at! #Petm Grumpy cat I cat meme I funny animal meme I cheap pet products

    Ok, i usually can not stand the whole "more facial expressions than Kristen Stewart" but this one cracks me up.

    So true

    So true

    "I recently purchased an Uruk-Hai scimitar." A tool every girl should have. This girl should be my new best friend

    SO TRUE.

    haha so true!

    So true!

    So true.