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  • Melanie Cerny

    #Cat, #Clothing, #Extra-Fabric, #Funny, #Haha, #Hoods, #Lol, #Pets #animals - Now I understand why this extra fabric is added to the rear of some clothing! Cat holster! Thug Life, Da Hoods, Funny Pictures, Funny Cat, Pet, Funnycat, Cat Jokes, Funny Animal, Kitty

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Chocolate person ! So cute !! My son would say that !! He was always so excited !!

lmao...i dont even know but i laughed too hard. Evidence that there have been crazy cat people for a very long time.

You Pwomise? Really pwomise? You killeded da spidey?

LOL! I'm still laughing! Like... you don't even know how funny I find this!

Fine, I’ll try them… ... Click this image to browse lots more #Funny #pics & awesome #quotes

I laughed way too hard at this, it just degenerated so quickly

hahaha! Me too, I was like how is the cat putting that pole in its mouth!

Sad part is. I know the song by heart. And sing it in his voice. Bahahahahahahah love Sheldon!

Bahaha how to tell if your cats trying to kill you... Yep that's one

The best episodes of BBT are the ones where Sheldon has some kind of mental breakdown.