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Sun Worship: This image stirs many archetypes of the unconscious. #Jungian #Psychology

Meditation is a surrender. It is not a demand. It is not forcing existence your way. It is relaxing into the way existence wants you to be. It is a let-go. ~ Osho

I've had this dream before. - Elizabeth Messina photography

Sunkissed silhouettes. Although i do i like idea of natural forms i think i could be more creative with a portrait styled art piece

Inspiring picture bird, dress, evening, girl, hair. Resolution: 500x567 px. Find the picture to your taste!

Noell Oszvald, 1991 la poesie est dans ton sacre coeur poezia este pe dinauntru si se auto-reflecta in afara cand tu te uiti in ca atunci cand te uiti in jos esti vulnerabila si nu se simte asa stanjenita..caci tu mereu ai crezut despre ea ca este frumoasa, grandios de frumoasa, dar ea este stangace, incurcata..