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The Real Wise Words

Life lessons from the Lion King.

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Don't even...


This needs to be my life…

Everybody wants Morgan Freeman to narrate their life but I want five sassy singing lady muses - I want Morgan Freeman to narrate most of it and the five sassy singing lady muses to step in and perform catchy yet narratively sound musical numbers when it gets too serious. -Actually, I feel like I DO have five sassy singing ladies narrating my life.

The Kings Of Priderock by dyb on deviantART

LOL! I love Dwight! So true! Grass is greener where there is good soil so instead of complaining, fix your own side of the fence first.

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Happens all the time


Sibling Rivalry at its Best - my 2 fav movies! @Jeff Sheldon Sheldon Sheldon Sheldon Lowe - more funny things:

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When my company want to send me on a business trip