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This is a perfect example of the integrity of our #military--and a reminder that even simple #gifts can have enormous meaning.

REPIN if you support our brothers and sisters in the military with PTSD

Marine Corps!



How many in congress now would agree with this hero?might be a patriot, IF... Later today, Coffee will graduate from the army's Airborne School at Fort Benning, Ga. He says he doesn't miss the NFL, and that serving in the military is a much better use of his gifts than playing professional football. MORE:


Who are they to decide anything about war?

#military #veterans Republicans: Job Killers - Post Jobs and Become a Sponsor at

Cathay Williams (1842 – ) lived out the mantra, “I can do anything you can do better”. She was the first and only known female Buffalo Soldier. She was born into slavery and worked for the Union army during the Civil War. She posed as a man and enlisted as Williams Cathay in the 38th infantry in 1866. She was given a medical discharge in 1868.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial ♥

MYTH & POLITICS BLOG/ ELISE COLLINS SHIELDS, "Military Academies Sexual Assault Issue Pervades" Not acceptable in USA military!

Medal of Honor recipient,Korean War hero & Special Forces legend retired Army Col.Ola Lee Mize died at 82,according to Medal of Honor Society.He died 13 March 2014 after lengthy illness.Awarded Medal of Honor for actions June 10 & 11,1953,near Surang-ni, Korea,when enemy launched heavy attack against “Outpost Harry,” according to award citation.He received the award in 1954,when he was a master sergeant. From Pvt. to Col. is amazing in itself, add on the MOH and you have the Legend.

Not one republican, not one

No atheists in foxholes?




Marines march in the 57th Presidential Inauguration (Department of Defense photo by EJ Hersom)


Once a Marine always a Marine!

Not sure what her branch or MOS is, but this is the first pin in a new series that honors a new breed of "infantryman." Women have served in our wars for decades, but technicalities have always made it hard for the women to be recognized. Not anymore, as it is now legal for women to join the ranks of Infantry Branch and MOS.


Military funeral

Marines line the road while the funeral procession of Medal of Honor recipient COL Bud Day passes by.