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    JENISON, Mich. – A parent who posted concerns about a world history assignment on Facebook started a controversy but misinterpreted what the assignment was all about, Jenison High School's principa...

    Alabama Finds New Clever Way To Show The Blacks How Much They Care- "Take a look at the 10 counties with the highest percentage of non-white registered voters... Alabama, thanks to its budgetary insanity and inanity, just opted to close driver license bureaus in eight of them. In a state in which driver licenses or special photo IDs are a requirement for voting. Every single county in which blacks make up more than 75 percent of registered voters will see their driver license office closed.”

    Trevor Noah: Imagine if Repubs used their ‘pro-life passion’ against the NRA and not Planned Parenthood-- "Pro-lifers are like comic book collectors. Human life only has value until you take it out of the package, then, it's worth nothing." He is pretty good.

    Sad. Remember to vote the Republicans out of congress to change this..


    Gun Violence in America

    Background checks Congress doesn't mind

    Joe Barton's Democratic Opponent has already done the impossible. Finding solutions is his business##


    Republicans: we've been waiting for a jobs bill to come out of congress for 5 years and counting.

    There is a great Facebook post that is popping up everywhere in the wake of the tragic shooting in Oregon last week.

    This Texas mom started the counterattack that counted, a taxpaying parent who would not allow her state to lie to her child about slavery. She got results.

    Robert Scheer: Amid the Crowing of the GOP and Clinton, Sanders Is on the Rise - Robert Scheer - Truthdig

    Sheriff In Charge Of Oregon Massacre Probe Is An Anti-Gun Control Conspiracy Theorist - The Frisky

    Truth be told...

    All of #ows summed up in one exchange between Alan Grayson and PJ O'Rourke

    Failed policies (trickle down economics) or no counter policies (alternative to Obamacare?) are all they have to offer.

    It's not about abortion and it's not about contraception. It's about you following their religion.

    Project End Gun Violence