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    The New Internet Union of American Citizens

    3y Saved to Election 2016
    • Lisa Klint-Thimsie

      Oh boy. Seriously? He might as well be Elmer Fudd?! What a ringing endorsement. Rush Limbaugh is ridiculous, and just like most of Romney's supporters, doesn't care two bits about the fact that Romney is unprincipled, inadequate, and at the very least, dullsville.

    • Biddy Craft

      Correct. They are voting against Obama. Hate can make people vote for anything. They'll even vote for people who don't give a damn about them and their families. Biddy Craft

    • Patty Cakes

      Just what we need a right wing puppet in chief~

    • Kolleen Wilson

      American Taliban

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    The New Internet Union of American Citizens

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    No one has ever accused him of intellect...just a genius of hate and viciousness.

    Rush Limbaugh is an out of touch douche with twisted views and bubbling over with hate and negativity. He contributes nothing but venom and discord. He's a parasite of the worst kind

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    Ted Nugent, Michelle Bachman, Sara Palin, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rush Limbaugh & all "The Heads" of The Tea Party are the same. They push hate, intolerance & lies to the masses who don't have the good sense to know these people are despicable & ALL AMERICANS.

    "Maybe a sour economy is worth it if it'll distract Obama and delay him from what he want to do on guns and immigration" --Rush Limbaugh 01/31/13 | You see, Limbaugh doesn't have to worry about money or the economy, he is a multi-millionaire.

    Netanyahu Is Everything Obama Is Not - The Rush Limbaugh Show_He is a LEADER. Obama is a LOSER in every sense of the word! God bless Israel and God bless America!

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    The man is an uncaring bigot. Why won't Republicans stand up to him? What the heck is wrong with his wife. No wonder he's been married multiple times.


    Truth be told...although I have a problem with greed and money hoarding. If you must then keep your hands off politics!


    This is the question every American should ask themselves.

    Common sense about 'socialism' as opposed to irrational fear mongering.

    American Indian