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    You can't have too many dragon coins - this time on the 1981 50 aurar from Iceland.

    In 2014, the US Mint will issue a curved (i.e. domed) baseball-themed coin. Very cool collectible for baseball fans out there.

    Our latest blog post: What Are KM Numbers?

    Our October blog explains how to read numbers and dates on modern coins from Thailand.

    The Perth Mint's Mythical Creatures collectible silver $1 Tuvalu coin series features Unicorn (sold out), Griffin (also sold out), Phoenix, and Werewolf coins.

    This silver $1 collectible coin from the Perth Mint is in the shape of Australia (where it is also legal tender).

    Our September blog post is about the difference between collectible coins and circulating coins.

    Our August blog post is about the smaller coins that have been minted in the last century.

    Singapore has a series of colored silver collectible coins featuring native orchids found in the Singapore region. 2013 is their third year in the series.

    The last coin in Tuvalu's Dragons of Legend collectible silver coin series features the European Green Dragon.

    A 50 senti coin from Tanzania featuring a rabbit on the reverse.

    This speigeld coin is play money from Germany.

    Between 1959 and 1966, the design on the Japan 50 yen coin was much more ornate than it is today.

    In 2014, Andorra is planning to release euro coins for the first time. portlandcoins.blo...

    June's blog entry is about the 20th century's world soccer-themed coins, like this 1996 United Kingdom 2 pound coin.

    The niobium core of this collectible silver 5-dollar Canada coin will supposedly diffuse light to show different colors.

    Our latest blog entry is about Singapore's new coin designs for 2013 and its 2 prior coin series.

    In 2011, Lithuania released collector coins (a gold 50 lietuva and a regular 1 litas) to celebrate the European Basketball Championship of 2011.

    This decorative 2011 silver collectible coin from the Cook Islands features brightly-colored roses and blue birds.

    In 1951, Finland released their first silver collectible coin to celebrate the first Summer Olympic Games to be held in Helsinki.

    This month's blog discusses Latvia's change to the euro in 2014.

    The 2011 annual commemorative 1 lats coin from Latvia features a heart-shaped gingerbread cookie on its reverse (suitable for next Valentines day).

    The Canada Mint has a new series of collectible silver coins featuring the dragonflies of Canada.

    When Latvia switches its national currency to the euro in 2014, the 1- and 2-euro coins will feature this image of a Latvian maiden, originally from the 1929 5-lats silver coin.

    February's blog entry discusses the history of coin designs from the Netherlands, and the probable change once Queen Beatrix steps down and her son Willem-Alexander becomes king.