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In 2008, Somalia minted this unusual collectible set of three-dimensional 1-dollar "coins" (cone, sphere, cube, pyramid, and cylinder).

These unique puzzle-piece-shaped dollar coins are a collectible coin set from the small nation of Niue, near New Zealand. (World coins, foreign coins)

This set of 4 rectangular silver collectible coins from the Perth Mint (legal tender in the Cook Islands) celebrate 2013 being the Year of the Snake in the lunar calendar.

This silver $1 collectible coin from the Perth Mint is in the shape of Australia (where it is also legal tender).

The Central Mint of China makes the circulating coins of Taiwan, such as this 20-dollar New Taiwan Dollar bimetallic coin.

An imposing 1-dollar coin from Australia with a Sumatran tiger on the reverse is part of the Australian Mint's Animals of the Zoo series. (World coins, foreign coins)

This 20-dollar silver collectible coin from Canada doesn't actually say "Christmas" on it, but c'mon, it's a flying reindeer.

This 2011 Techno Proof Set from the Japan Mint includes a coin-like bimetallic medal made of silver and titanium (in the center of the picture). (World coins, foreign coins)

This unique 2007 Cook Islands 5-dollar collectible silver coin is shaped like a cross and honors Pope John Paul II.

In 2008, the Pobjoy mint released this commemorative 4-color silver/gold and four-color titanium coin for the Isle of Man.