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Stop Coyote-killing contest! ABQ gun shop is sponsoring contest to kill coyotes to save tax dollars! Unbelievable! Act now.


PLEASE SIGN AND REPIN! 5/22/12: The Killing Fields - End Animal Sacrifice In Nepal I am so sick of killing in the name of religion!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP STOP Cornell University's BRUTALLY VIOLENT Deer Killing! It is crucial to SHUT THIS HEINOUS BARBARISM DOWN! Cornell University's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has been baiting & luring deer into live-capture clover traps, then using captive-bolt guns, which kill the deer by shooting a metal rod into each of their skulls. Terrified deer have had to endure overnight capture in sub-freezing temperatures before being killed. . ENOUGH! PLZ Sign & Share!


Coyote (Canis latrans) ... I hear them howling many nights in the vineyard behind our house. They hunt mostly rodents, small animals. When they make a kill, you know!

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14 Pictures That Prove Animals Are Better Than People

And some rich and spoiled piece of shit think that is ok kill an elephant for a trophy. And some idiots agree and call them conservationists. If killing a sentient being give you pleasure you are a psychopathic. If you pay for it you remain a psychopathic. Being rich don't change your action's nature, stupid rich coward!


The Unbelievable Story About The Wolf And The Bear – 10 Pics

Such an amazing story everyone should read about a lady who rescued a 10 coyote whose parents had been shot for killing sheep. It's really sweet! +tc