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    Stop Coyote-killing contest! ABQ gun shop is sponsoring contest to kill coyotes to save tax dollars! Unbelievable! Act now.

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    • Sarah Cole

      Stop Coyote-killing contest! ABQ gun shop is sponsoring contest to kill coyotes. It's never necessary to kill an animal, humans do not have any more of a right to be here than animals do. Let's just start killing of all the idiots who disagree.

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    Coyote (Canis latrans) ... I hear them howling many nights in the vineyard behind our house. They hunt mostly rodents, small animals. When they make a kill, you know!







    There’s no sport in killing a lion in a wildlife preserve like this… can't stand this vile woman, or the morons that kill animals for fun. I will take it one step further and suggest they let this wicked evil woman loose on that wildlife preserve and let a couple of psychopaths with HI powered rifles hunt her ass down!

    Such an amazing story everyone should read about a lady who rescued a 10 coyote whose parents had been shot for killing sheep. It's really sweet! +tc

    ☀Coyote 301V4088.jpg by BobLewis*

    Coyote in snow, Yellowstone National Park

    Coyote juvenile (Canis latrans)

    Coyote by Orkakorak on Flickr*

    Parents should be teaching their kids about compassion, not killing.

    :*(** Corona~shot at point blank range in her throat with a 22: muzzle burns down her throat, tongue split down the middle & her throat also. She was beaten across the face, her nose broken-maybe with the gun that shot her. Her tail never stopped wagging during her emergency surgery; she's recovering, our hearts are broken & we're upset beyond words. CALL: Dr.Tate's in Woodbury 615-563-4022 to make a donation-she's getting the NECESSARY vet care she deserves-PLEASE GIVE-HER LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!

    Kills me... Please ADOPT!

    Image from the page "Kill all the wolves in Idaho". don't buy their pathetic lie. The hunters do not love nature, do not respect the animals. Million movies and photos will testify their despise. Who is forced to kill to survive, don't denigrates his victim, don't humiliates its body, not laughs at his death. Who kills for lust, instead, cannot help but show his contempt to the world, enjoys in desecrate the body of the sentient being who have killed. Who kills for lust is a vulgar murderer.

    TAKE ACTION! Sign the Petition www.howlingforwol... and Tell Congress to Investigate Wildlife Services Now! Wildlife Services’ agent Jamie P. Olson sic’d his dogs on live coyotes that were captured in steel-jawed traps. Wildlife belong to all Americans; they must not be brutalized by federal employees.

    PLEASE SIGN AND REPIN! 5/22/12: The Killing Fields - End Animal Sacrifice In Nepal I am so sick of killing in the name of religion!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every gun...