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    Stop Coyote-killing contest! ABQ gun shop is sponsoring contest to kill coyotes to save tax dollars! Unbelievable! Act now.

    It's time to end the illegal trade of ivory & save the wild elephants. Please share this image on your wall.

    TORTURE IS NOT ART! THIS IS A CRIME! Katinka Simonse, a 31 year old female living in Amsterdam, has been killing innocent animals and getting away with it. These horrible acts have been looked over because she killed these animals in the name of “Art”. Katinka owns many animals and keeps them in horrible conditions. VIDEO:


    "One Day I’m Free." In reality, he is about to be skinned alive for a fur coat. Foxes are continually hunted for their fur, and are in danger of extinction. Foxes are naturally curious and playful, and since they have little fear of people they are very easily captured and killed. Foxes live together in family groups; they play together and cooperate in all aspects of life. If one of a pair of foxes is being chased by an enemy, its mate will dash out of hiding to distract the pursuer. ♥

    what separates us from compassionate human beings to irrational, cruelty driven PLEBS! I used that word !

    Animal rights, anti-fur

    ADOPT! ADOPT! ADOPT!!! - Patrick McDonnell

    This is the sad truth.


    TAKE ACTION! Sign the Petition www.howlingforwol... and Tell Congress to Investigate Wildlife Services Now! Wildlife Services’ agent Jamie P. Olson sic’d his dogs on live coyotes that were captured in steel-jawed traps. Wildlife belong to all Americans; they must not be brutalized by federal employees.

    Today, poaching in some areas is the worst since the ban went into effect, decimating wild populations of elephants. In Gabon, poachers have killed more than 11,000 elephants in recent years, representing two-thirds of that country's elephants. Poachers carry large-caliber rifles to kill the elephants, then hack off their tusks with chainsaws, leaving behind the carcasses of entire families of elephants. This ivory is used to make jewelry, chopsticks, and other trinkets. ...

    China kills dogs and cats for fur - PLEASE, SIGN :

    THETRUEAMERICANBREED well said, real men are kind to animals

    We need this poster to be shared with EVERYONE across the United States and BEYOND. We have to find the person(s) responsible for Herbie's condition. Please forward to your friends, post at work if you can... do what you can to get the word out. It costs you nothing but it is PRICELESS!


    Image from the page "Kill all the wolves in Idaho". don't buy their pathetic lie. The hunters do not love nature, do not respect the animals. Million movies and photos will testify their despise. Who is forced to kill to survive, don't denigrates his victim, don't humiliates its body, not laughs at his death. Who kills for lust, instead, cannot help but show his contempt to the world, enjoys in desecrate the body of the sentient being who have killed. Who kills for lust is a vulgar murderer.

    Boycott cruel circuses