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Conservative logic

Good ole' Bill Maher ...telling it like it is......

Josh Dugger, Jesus and Satan

School Confederate flag ban enrages Fox: Liberals ‘hate expressions of patriotism’:

Go ahead and overturn birthright citizenship...

But racism no longer exists, remember? Smh...

Trump Pledges To 'Get Rid' Of Gangs And for today's dog whistle...More empty but no doubt effective rhetoric from the nation's narcissist-in-chief. "We're gonna get rid of those gang members in Baltimore and Chicago so fast it'll make your head spin." (???)

Reports: DNC Chair Blocked Dem Resolution To Support Iran Deal

"He is crushing it in the polls!"

Woman strips to show fresh mastectomy scars as Virginia official calls to defund Planned Parenthood

Republicans love to attack the federal government as a wasteful bloated bureaucracy, but when you start to look past the surface, it becomes clear that the real waste is coming from corporations that are taking advantage of the federal government.


Trump eventually found himself in serious financial trouble. In 1990, due to excessive leveraging, The Trump Organization revealed that it was $5 billion in debt ($8.8 billion by some estimates), with $1 billion personally guaranteed by Trump himself. The survival of the company was made possible only by a bailout pact agreed upon in August of that same year by some 70 banks, allowing Trump to defer on nearly $1 billion in debt, as well as to take out second and third mortgages on almost all of

Birtherism, Benghazi, Donald Trump...the list goes on | Occupy Democrats Facebook

This war criminal DICK should be in Prison... Not owning them with Blood money from his Lies

Registration and Voting Instructions for All 50 States. Please share !!!

Did You Know Nelly Has Sent Two Kids To College Every Year for the Past 10 Years

Most of us want the same things. We need to stop fighting each other, stand together and fight together to take back our country from the corporations who are trying to buy it and the politicians who are letting them!

Congress’s Science Committee Doesn’t Get Science: Todd Akin is just scratching the surface.

Remember that the Republicans chose this lamebrain to be the Vice President of the United States? To help run our country????Just imagine.