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Stop Coyote-killing contest! ABQ gun shop is sponsoring contest to kill coyotes to save tax dollars! Unbelievable! Act now.

PLEASE SIGN AND REPIN! 5/22/12: The Killing Fields - End Animal Sacrifice In Nepal I am so sick of killing in the name of religion!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coyote (Canis latrans) ... I hear them howling many nights in the vineyard behind our house. They hunt mostly rodents, small animals. When they make a kill, you know!

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14 Pictures That Prove Animals Are Better Than People

And some rich and spoiled piece of shit think that is ok kill an elephant for a trophy. And some idiots agree and call them conservationists. If killing a sentient being give you pleasure you are a psychopathic. If you pay for it you remain a psychopathic. Being rich don't change your action's nature, stupid rich coward!

Such an amazing story everyone should read about a lady who rescued a 10 coyote whose parents had been shot for killing sheep. It's really sweet! +tc

Coyote: George says someone would shoot Lennie like a coyote if he wandered off on his own.