Irish Canadian Rangers

Canadian poster

Canadian poster

1940s Canadian Poster

World War 2 Poster (Canadian)


"Canadians Advance and Attack!"

Canadian WWI recruiting poster

Canadian WWI recruitment poster, Ontario

WW! US poster: "This WWI fund raising poster shows a girl feeding a wounded soldier and reads, "Food for France." The poster was produced in 1918 by New York's W.F. Powers Co."

Canadian WW2 poster

Canadian WWII poster, "Let's Go Canada"

WWI French Canadian recruiting poster

WWII Canadian recruiting poster

Canadian Forestry Battalion, which cleared areas for camps and air strips.

World War One poster

postcard - Canadian Mounties by Jassy-50, via Flickr

Poster for the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), Toronto, 1919

Canadian WW2 poster: in the years prior to the USA entering the war, Canada was the main supplier of arms and other war materials to Britain.

This Canadian Food Board poster from WWI discourages the hoarding of food and points out that fines and/or jail time are possible punishments. "Are you breaking the law? Patriotic Canadians will not hoard food."

Naturally, French Canadians had their own propaganda posters in French. This one roughly translates to “Shall We Wait Whilst Our People Burn?” and pushed viewers to enroll in the 178th French Canadian Battalion.